When you turn the engine on, dashboard alert lights are also switched on for a bulb checkered. All alert lights must fit off after a while. But in case, if any light remains still ON, then it is the indicator that your car in warning you about some hurdle you may going to have after a while maybe. These lights are always recommended to check before you buy a car or get a car from monthly car rental. Discover what does these warning lights worth and how to resolve the troubles they indicate you.

Engine Warning Light

If this light is enlightening with a burst switched on, it means device controlling system is faulty. It is still safe to drive the car until you find a garage or mechanic. Though, you must to go at a little speed and be cautious in driving. As mechanism warning light does not exactly describe the issue in your engine, it could light up due to defective oxygen radar, gas lid, catalytic converter, corpus airflow radar, and spark pads and wires.

Brake System Warning

The brake system warning light may designate diverse issues. First of all, you must be assured that the emergency brake is released if it is so then lights will lit up. The light also goes on if brake weight is low. It does happen if there is a leakage in any other part of the system, which does not let the broken system endure the burden. As a maximum of the cars in UAE have Antilock Braking System (ABS), if you found any problem with ABS, you can turn off this option from the controller on the dashboard and can apply the standard braking system.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

If oil pressure warning light is still on when the car starts up it shows that your engine is running short of oil. If it is low, then you need to stop at the nearest garage or even any petrol station where a mechanic can take care of engine oil.

Coolant Warning Light

Coolant warning light problem is very common in the puzzling headed heat of the Middle East. Other causes of low coolant level possibly may rise the chance in leakage of coolant water. If there is an issue in the radiator. Let your car be investigated by a technician to resolve the issue.

Battery Warning Light

Battery warning illuminates due to an error in battery charging system. When you came to know about the enlightenment of car battery warning light, it means your car wants to communicate with you so in response you need to handle the situation of your car battery by your own or just go to a professional to handle it for your convenience

Point to Ponder

Keep in your mind; warning lights need your hasten response, so they are not designed in cars to be ignored.