An intro to the importance of Transport

In Dubai, without transport you even cannot think to move a distance of 1km, really; this is it because Dubai is a place of passionate people who love to travel so it is not about a single street. It is about an endless list of indoors and outdoors activities to do. You can make a list of 2000 things to do there. But the question is how you will find it easy to do so. Likewise to do 2000 things in a single trip. So, it is possible when you have a high quality of transport. In my view car hire is the best option as your own kind of conveyance rather than relying on other types. Car hire could be an option to move freely as car keys will remain in your hands.



From Dubai International Airport your best choice according to you could be a cab or a yellow taxi, they not only charge you most plus you have to wait for a long time. You can use multiple options of transport. Following are the types of transports in Dubai you can get at the time of need. In other words, you can say how you will get around by?

Other options are the Dubai Metro ( and the Dubai Bus (, though, various such efforts of services are surpassed by metro services or need a mixture of metro and bus to reach your decided spot.

Getting around

Public transport: The Government’s Road and Transport Authority ( is taking care of the network of public transport. It includes Dubai Metro and Bus services. You don’t need to about routes, timetables and fare related info because everything is available on the website of RTA. The cleaned and comfy Dubai Metro and Bus are the best if you have the plan to do shopping in different malls such as Dubai Mall, MOE, and City Centre.

Taxis: For me, this is the optimal solution to explore Dubai. It is cheap and simple you can have it by booking in advance on their official website by reviewing which is best for you. You have to pay maximum AED 80 and minimum AED 20. In this range, you can go to Sharjah. But the consequence attaches with this option is these are unclean cars not hygienic.

Car hire: One convenient and reliable option for transport is car hire. There are endless car rental desks in Dubai working for the wandering freely. For this purpose, you must own an international driving license and you have to book their dealings in advance. In short with neat and clean cars and maximum pay is AED 25 you can have better options of moving freely.