Dubai is all about beauty and luxury with dignify glory of man-made junctions in form of giant structures standing in the middle of Ocean. In such territory of beauty, City Walk Dubai is a sublime beauty that nobody could better explain in words not only before visit but also after sightseeing. Because if you want to wet your eyes with the spark of the mesmerizing place you need to go there rather than relying on its pictures only on Google. So, I think before planning yourself for Dubai, you must keep in mind some points to ponder for arrangements of your trip. It includes your flight fixation, transportation, accommodation plus coming back to your nation. These careful measures convince you to enjoy wholeheartedly when you are well planned with this. So opt out a rent a car service from a trustable car rental providers in Dubai.

Adorable Street Arts

City Walk’s Dubai Streets are so funky and incredible due to the largest art and craft work made on it. Some of the most popular artists were called from the world to decorate the walls of city walk. Giant and gigantic kind of cartoon, murals, quirky smaller designs, there are many to stop and watch at that wanders you the science hidden in this abstract art work made on the City Walk walls in Dubai.

Where to drink

There are many spots to stop and chill by getting foods and drinks of your own choice. On the hit list the refreshment and edible points are La Ville Hotel and Suites, Grapeskin, and Lookup pool bar.

What to do

You must not bother where to go when you are in City Walk, you cannot get bore there, because there are innumerable activities to do with indoors and outdoors fun. If you plan for shopping then you need to do the following.

  • Hook a quick look at Roxy Cinemas: Plan a movie with your family on a weekend and then just hang on for enjoyment with your favorite movie.
  • Let your kids stay at Mattel Play! Town for fun: If you have a plan to shop and stay at mall for looking for your jewelry and clothing if you are a mother then you can drop your kids off at Mattel Play Town to enjoy and have fun there accordingly
  • Have a stroll through Hareem Al Sultan: It is literally a worth visiting point. Its decoration and theme based on a Turkish Drama serial. Everything based on Turkish life style, culture and history.